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Until EmpathIQ is Expert Reputation

2021 and Beyond!

After 10 years of helping healthcare providers manage their online reputations, we are updating our brand and messaging to best reflect who we are today and ally that we have to offer

And we're so excited to share with you, the new Expert Reputation brand.

The New Logo

Representing the importance of reputation management, our new logo conveys the expertise and attention that we provide our clients.

The New Website

We are launching a brand new website, consistent with the new and improved brand direction. You'll see similar updates across all Expert Reputation materials (like the portal) over the coming weeks, ensuring consistency and quality in that we do.

What to Expect

On the launch date, you will start to receive communications from expertreputation.com rather than empathiq.io.

Although we will still receive communications sent to empathiq.io domains, please send all email communications to ____@expertreputation.com.

How to Contact the Expert
Reputation Team

Please make sure to unblock our new email domain (@expertreputation.com) in your inbox so you can receive our notifications and alerts!

You can reach out to our Customer Success team using the email address and phone number below: