Mahir Patel- 97% of reviews are 5-star reviews since starting with ER...ABChiropractic Family & Wellness- 4.97 total star rating...SportsMED- average of 73 new reviews per 27 subscriptions in the past year... Las Vegas Radiology- 30% response rate from patients in February... Dr. Joshua B. Kentosh @ Soderstrom Skin Institute- 4.7 overall star rating... Dr. Fred Luxe @ Noran Neurological Clinic- 4.73 overall star rating... Arizona Skin Cancer Surgery Center- 98% of new reviews in the last year are 5 stars.


Gain deep insight into patient satisfaction by automating survey invites via email and text. Then use the feedback analytics to compare the performance of individual providers and practice locations.

Manage Negative Feedback

In a snapshot, see how your business is performing – what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be fixed.

Improve the Patient Experience with PracticePulse

Instant Patient Feedback

Identify patient satisfaction scores through text message and email with a 33% average response rate.

Patient Retention

Instantly identify unhappy patients at the point of occurrence to improve retention rates.


Integrate with us and one of our many partners. Increase business intelligence and save time.

Patient Feedback

Do you know how your patients feel and what they are saying about you? PracticePulse provides the highest response rate in patient feedback – 1 out of 3 patients engages with this service and leaves an online review. Easily collect patient satisfaction scores to understand and track the healthiness of your practice.

Physician Ratings

With Expert Reputation, you can add multiple providers to your practice and get direct feedback on patient’s experiences with various practitioners. Individual feedback and analytics specific to a provider helps compare feedback across your practice.

Facility Performance

Compare facility attributes. Identify why one location is performing more strongly than others and implement those practices across all facilities.

Text & Email Performance

Receive poor review alerts and weekly reports via email to monitor your performance. You can also set up text message alerts to provide a weekly summary of your practice and provider feedback results.

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