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Dr Mario Awwad
Dr. Awwad’s philosophy is to help people achieve optimal health through natural chiropractic care – and Expert Reputation has helped him achieve this.

ABChiropractic Family & Wellness is a chiropractic firm in St. Charles, Missouri. It was started by Dr. Mario Awwad when he endured a football injury that did not accept any conventional medical treatments. It was not until Mario went to a chiropractor that his injury healed. This life-changing event made Mario alter his career plans from becoming a Physical Therapist to a Chiropractic Doctor and opening his own business. As a new practitioner, he was in need of word-of-mouth notoriety and an online presence. Building his online reputation started with his use of ReviewIQ and Listings Manager.

There was no Google my Business page and very minimal reviews. Expert Reputation helped him to increase client engagement.

Dr. Awwad started his services with significant usage of review monitoring, review generation, and listings. As a client of ours since mid-2019, Dr. Awwad has generated over 110 new reviews with good reviews being 98.2% of them (3+ stars). Dr. Awwad has a 57% clickthrough rate between both email and text messages.

What People Are Saying

How he encourages his clients to leave their feedback.

Dr. Awwad sends a review link invite every three days on average. Of these, 81% are texts and 19% are emails. Dr. Awwad spent his first year sending out almost double the amount of reviews than he does now so he could establish a strong online relationship as his practice expanded. Now, he maintains and perfects his web presence from using our services multiple times per week.

I have really benefited from Expert Reputation since I started using their services over the last

couple years. They have helped me get considerably more patient reviews, which has

helped my practice growth. Their staff have also been helpful in managing web info

about my business on the web. Thank you for your hard work!”

Mahir Awwad

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