Why Building Your Know, Like & Trust Factor Is Vital to Gaining New Patients

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Why Building Your Know, Like & Trust Factor Is Vital to Gaining New Patients

Medicine has changed quite significantly over the years. There was a time when having MD behind your name or doctor in front of it evoked trust. But as we all know, the Internet has changed us. The days of trusting titles and initials automatically are gone.

Today and every day, whether they know it or you know it, patients are using The Know, Like & Trust Factor to make decisions about you. They are gathering information from friends, colleagues, family members, and professionals whom they already know, like, and trust and from the Internet – from review sites, social media, and of course, your website.

Patients are using all of this information to form an opinion of you and to make a decision about you. The question is…

Are they finding what they need to know you, to like you, and ultimately, to trust you with their care?

Focusing on your Know, Like & Trust Factor is vital to gaining new patients. The more patients are able to get to know you, like you, and trust you before they pick up the phone or walk through the door, the more new patients you will gain. The fewer patients get to know you, like you, and trust you during their information gathering, the less likely it is you will ever hear from them.

Building your Know, Like & Trust Factor is an active process. It takes time and effort to craft in a meaningful way – a way that will connect with your potential patients.

If not actively managed, your Know, Like & Trust Factor will develop passively without you. You must recognize that the shape it will take will be at the mercy of others. When you allow that to happen, your Know, Like & Trust Factor may not end up where you want it or need it to be.

So how do you actively build and manage your Know, Like & Trust Factor? Watch our free Webinar, 3 Ways to Gain New Patients Using The Know, Like & Trust Factor, featuring me, Ashley Libby Diaz, and EMPATHIQ CEO, Erik Oh.


About the Author:

Ashley Libby Diaz is a brand and marketing strategist who helps physicians start and build thriving medical practices that nourish not only them but also their patients.

Ashley has a deep relationship with healthcare, a profound appreciation for providers, a unique perspective on medicine, and a keen eye for outstanding patient experiences. She is the principal and founder of The Anca Group, a boutique medical consulting firm, with more than 18 years of healthcare provider and marketing experience and her own personal medical trials. Ashley practiced physical therapy in her early career and became a breast cancer survivor at the age of 36. Learn more about and reach Ashley and The Anca Group at

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