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How Much Impact Does a Negative Review Have?


As a healthcare provider, you work hard to build a solid reputation. You put in extensive hours on and off the job to meet the demands of patients and ensure they are happy. Unfortunately, there is no way that every patient will leave with a smile. No matter how hard you try, there is always the chance that a patient might be disappointed and leave a negative review online. Don’t worry; this is not a make or break. Negative reviews actually aren’t as bad as you might think. Let’s explore how you can turn a negative impression into a positive one.

Increase conversion rates and gain the trust of other patients. Potential patients expect to see a negative review now and again – they know that no one is perfect. If a healthcare provider has nothing but 5-star reviews, viewers might question the integrity of that provider. After all, in reality no one can get 5-star ratings 100% of the time. Honesty wins patients.

Reviews that aren’t too bad are still considered good. Patients tend to look for patterns in reviews. They are trying to figure out what the worst thing is that could happen to them when visiting your practice. Knowing that the worst case scenario isn’t that bad often leads them to becoming your patient in the near future.

Reviews give you the chance to impress future patients. Patients don’t like healthcare providers who are arrogant. They want to see a provider who is willing to go out of their way to help the patient. By responding appropriately to a negative review, you can show patients that you are willing to help them any way you can. Being able to reach a common goal that works for the both of you is ideal.

When you look at the benefits that come with negative reviews, you will quickly see that they are not the end of the world. In fact, they could be the key to improving your patient base and succeeding as a healthcare provider. Embrace every review and take into account what the patient has to say. In doing so, you can improve your services and grow your practice.



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