Why You Need a Microsite


Why You Need a Microsite

Microsites are often overlooked as marketing tools, when in fact, they hold a lot of value for companies looking to improve their online presence and client engagement. For those that don’t know, a microsite is essentially a smaller website or landing page that is dedicated to specific content. Many companies use microsites to separate their different locations or showcase a specific product. This can be great for product launches, marketing campaigns, or maintaining information in a confined location.

So why use a microsite and not just add a page to your existing website? Well, microsites have many benefits, including:

Improved Local SEO

Since a microsite is separate from your main website, it gets its own unique URL. With a concise, searchable URL, it becomes that much easier for prospective customers to find your specific product or company. This is a huge advantage when it comes to SEO, especially when you fill your microsite with keyword-rich content. 

Expert Reputation offers ReviewIQ users with a complimentary microsite that features all of their 5 star patient reviews from their monitored sites. With just a few clicks they can customize their microsite with their company:

  • Banner photo
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • Social media links

This aids the prospective patient’s purchasing decision and boosts the user’s local SEO. What is local SEO? Local SEO is how a business ranks on search engines for local searches. For example, if someone located in San Diego searches “dentist near me” Google would only populate dentists in their local area. Therefore, by adding content that mentions the business location, the microsite will improve your local SEO!

More Focused Content

Microsites feature specific content so users focus only on what the business wants them to. Whereas websites are more complicated and can bombard users with too much information, making it difficult for business owners and marketers to direct users’ attention to something specific. With Expert Reputation’s microsite, you can highlight your best reviews to capture the interest of prospective patients.

Cost Efficient

Microsites are cost efficient and do not take much to maintain, especially when compared to traditional websites. Microsites are typically only one page and contain concise content that doesn’t require much updating. They also are more often than not only run by one program.

Quick Development

Microsites are extremely easy to develop and sometimes can even be launched within a day! Unlike traditional websites, microsites are typically one-pagers and feature specific content. Expert Reputation allows you to customize and launch your website in just a few clicks!

To summarize, microsites are great tools for companies and practices looking to direct prospective customers to specific content. This can improve their SEO, engagement, and marketing effectiveness.

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